Bi-Monthly Newsletter

President's Message

Laurie Kelly

Dear Friends,

The New Year got off to a grand start with the FOL annual meeting at Sawgrass Beach Club. It was a lovely evening filled with good food and entertainment. Our own Vic DiGenti was the guest speaker and he did a marvelous job. At the dinner we welcomed the addition of two new board members: Ken Olson and McNeill Watkins. Both men are avid library supporters and patrons and we look forward to putting them to work. Carolee Bertisch returns to our merry bunch with her retirement from the county's Library Advisory Board.

The FOL runs on your generous monetary donations and the "sweat equity" of its cadre of volunteers. Our mission is to raise the money necessary to aid our library, especially since county funding continues to dwindle. Our vision is to raise the awareness of the library and help it embrace the future. Reading and the quest for knowledge will always remain important and, to quote Mae Logue, a Landrum Middle School student," the power of words is the basis of all other learning, and reading helps us search for what makes us happy as individuals." In many ways, the library needs to retain and enhance its presence in the community and continue to be a source of knowledge and word power.

We are always in need of able bodied volunteers, especially to help with the operation of Seymour's Bookstore and the bi-annual book sales. Stop by Seymour's with your contact information -- I will contact you personally regarding opportunities.

We are moving ahead with plans to give the library entry a much needed facelift. Preliminary plans are set for new doors and hallway, with an Art Wall project in conjunction with the Cultural Center. Stay posted.

As always, thank you for your generosity and interest in the library. We hope our programs and volunteer opportunities will continue to interest and fulfill our Friends' needs.

Laurie Kelly
President of the Friends



Branch Manager's Report

Amy Ring,
Branch Manager

Amy Ring 

Greetings, Chilly Neighbors! Now that we have settled into this cold (but not as cold as Boston, thank goodness!) weather, you might notice yourself feeling cooped up, bored, or otherwise not-in-use. If you’re considering volunteering somewhere, but are concerned about the commitment required, then our library is just the place for you! We strive to find volunteer opportunities for patrons with all sorts of abilities. Whether you are interested in shelving books just a few hours a week or you are interested in helping keep the books and other items in the library looking neat and tidy we can find a project for you.

If you are interested in volunteering with the library you can go to http://www.sjcfl.us/Personnel/Volunteer.aspx to fill out the application. Once we receive the application and a copy of your picture ID the county performs a background check and you’ll be set to go! The process can take some time, so go ahead and fill out the application and get things rolling! We will find a good fit for your tastes here in the library. If you would prefer to volunteer in Seymour’s bookstore or at a book sale, contact Guy DiCarlo at Seymour’s, 273-3990. Guy always has great ideas on how to best utilize new volunteer talent!

Are you someone who loves social media and just couldn’t live without Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram? Did you know that our library system has a Facebook and Pinterest presence? We also have a Flickr account where you can see photographs of past programs. Just visit our homepage at www.sjcpls.org and scroll to the bottom where you will see links to Facebook, Pinterest, and more!

See you at the library!

Amy Ring
Branch Manager